Active Shooter Training

Our active shooter training course is taught by a highly trained cadre with law enforcement, military, and diplomatic security backgrounds.
The course is taught in segments allowing for a progressive learning curve that a large number of personnel can easily grasp at once. The training prepares employees on how to be the first line of observation, reporting, and mitigation of internal and external security threats.
Assessments and recommendations are available specific to a client's need to fortify sites and or event venues.
Our instructors work hand and hand offering training to security or academic personnel on how to continue delivery of our services to ensure continuity in refresher training. Our active shooter/ armed intruder curriculum is ideal for government buildings, schools and public forums.

Site Security Survey

This is a thorough examination of your facility, its daily operations, and the personnel involved in these operations. We examine the exposed risks of these assets and make recommendations on how they can be improved by identifying possible vulnerabilities.


Security Audit

As opposed to the security Survey, the Security Audit is used to assess whether an existing security procedure or existing system are operating to the standards they are designed to.

Emergency Response Plan Enhancement

We work directly with Critical Response Group to provide Collaborative Response Graphics. These are visual presentations of text-based emergency response plans that transform difficult to use written plans into highly user friendly, geospatially accurate visual planning and response tools.
More information on Collaborative Response Graphics can be resourced at

Active Shooter Response Drill

We provide a fully immersive Active Shooter Response drill that will help prepare your staff for proper response to an Active Shooter event. These drills would be performed in conjunction with the appropriate first responding agencies within the area of your facility. Utilizing Ultimate Training Munitions for direct force on force engagements and casualty replications, this Response Drill can greatly increase your facility’s ability to work with their local first responders. This also gives the opportunity to address any weaknesses in your current response plan and adjust to current protocols.

Trauma First Aid Training

When traumatic injuries have occurred, seconds can make the difference between life and death. Our team has the knowledge and experience to teach your personnel how to assess and stabilize injuries that can’t wait for the ambulance to get there. 

Mindset and Situational Awareness

Our team teaches situational awareness, as well as how to deal with the mental, emotional, and physiological responses that can occur before and after a violent encounter. The more aware and prepared your personnel are, the better they will be able to recognize and act in a situation before it becomes violent, or act appropriately if it has already escalated to violence. How people act and react is crucial to the outcome of any threatening situation.